Announcing Tumblon - a better website for parents

Posted by Jon
on Tuesday, February 26

Over the last nine months, Slantwise has been busy with three of its own projects (in addition to our client work). FanChatter is a mobile sports chat hub, where you can talk sports via mobile phone, email, or web. Zencoder is a distributed video transcoding system. This spring, we’ll be launching our third product: Tumblon.

Tumblon is a website that allows parents to track their children’s growth, and share this with friends and family via a online blog/baby book. To do this, we’ve partnered with respected pediatricians, developmental psychologists, and authors to get clinically-tested information about child development.

Want to hear more when Tumblon launches? Want to beta test the site? Sign up with your email address, and we’ll keep you posted.

So, what does Tumblon do?

Learn about your child’s development

Add your children to Tumblon, and based on your child’s birthdate, Tumblon gives you developmental information geared directly to your child’s age. You can dig in for more info, record milestones as they happen, and discuss your children’s development with other parents.

Journal about about your kids

Write stories about specific developmental milestones, about parenting in general, or about anything you want. You can choose to keep your stories private, let your friends and family see them at your Tumblon blog, or publish them so anyone can see them.

Photos (of course)

Not surprisingly, you can upload photos to Tumblon.

Sharing – the most important part?

Finally, Tumblon makes it easy to invite friends, family, and well-wishers to stay informed of your children’s growth through email updates, a public blog, etc. If you’re a new parent, you know what this means: keeping the grandparents happy. :)

So, when can I try it?

Soon. We’re closing in on our beta site, and will be up and running for real this spring or summer. If you want to take a look for yourself, sign up for early access at


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  1. BenFebruary 26, 2008 @ 06:36 PM

    Talk about good timing – I’ve got a new baby on the way in a couple of weeks, and I’m always eager to try out new Rails sites. Looks great!