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Posted by Luke Francl
on Wednesday, April 30

MySQL’s Over-looked and Under-worked Slow Query Log.

Dynamite is a JRuby interface to Processing.

How to send multipart/alternative e-mail with inline attachments.

Prototip and Starbox are awesome.

Note to self: alias_method_chain doesn’t work with ActiveRecord attributes.

Rails Search Benchmarks comparing Ferret, Solr, and Ultrasphinx.

Extend String to use ActionView’s Text Helpers. I may have to add this to my standard bag of tricks. Wish it was in core. Fortunately, in Edge Rails, the helpers are now accessible by module. Nice!

ar_mailer: how to avoid memory related issues and Running ar_sendmail with monit.

Timeframe is a totally awesome looking Javascript date picker.

Datejs parses human dates in JavaScript. Very cool.

Promise and Peril for Alternative Ruby Impls. JRuby’s Charles Nutter takes a look at the state of the alternative Ruby implementations and the challenges they face. I hadn’t heard of MacRuby before—sounds like it will be a great way to write Mac OS X apps. MagLev (Ruby with Smalltalk VM technology) also sounds interesting (interview) but I imagine it will cost booku bucks.

Seed Fu is a new library for loading seed data.